Ownership & Management


In November, 2016, RIDC transitioned out of the Almono LLC - General Partner role to focus on the vertical development of 12-acres of the site including the Mill 19 building.   Almono LLC members are now comprised of three of the original four Pittsburgh foundations that purchased the site in 2002.  With this management transition, the Almono LLC retained Rebecca Flora, to act as their Authorized Agent and Project Director.

After years of referring to the site as “Almono,” a new era was launched in 2017 with the renaming of the site as Hazelwood Green. The Hazelwood Green Project Team is led by Rebecca Flora - founder of ReMake Group - and supported by a number of local and national consultants, in collaboration with multiple organizations and government agencies.


Project Funding


Over $60 million has been invested to-date through grants, equity, and public and private loans. Financial assistance and support has been provided through the following public and private sources:

  • City of Pittsburgh, Mayor William Peduto
  • Commonwealth Financing Authority
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Honorable Tom Wolf, Governor
  • County of Allegheny County, County Executive Rich Fitzgerald
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
  • Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority
  • Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • Power of 32 Site Development Fund Partners LP
  • Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP)
  • Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County
  • Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh


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