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This is no April Fool’s joke - today, on Monday, April 1st, Blair Street & Hazelwood Avenue, along with the accompanying Hazelwood Trail opened as new public streets. This event marks a critical turning point for the redevelopment of the site public access through the former steel mill site for first time in over a century. See below for all the details and updates, and head to the website for more.


Public Dedication of Blair Street & Hazelwood Avenue opens the streets and Hazelwood Trail. On Tuesday, March 26th, City Council accepted Blair Street and Hazelwood Avenue for public dedication. In a monumental step for multi-modal connectivity and economic development in the city, these streets are officially opened for public use as of today, April 1st at 9:00 a.m. Thank you to all who supported this major infrastructure project over the years.

Pedestrian & Bicyclist Detour. First to be complete, the east canopy is one of two protective canopies over the sidewalks and trail to protect the public (those not enclosed in metal vehicles) should anything fall from the railroad above. All pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be routed under this east canopy until the west canopy is complete later this Spring. Please be respectful of this safety issue and follow the detour until the west canopy is complete.


Port Authority Route 57 comes to Hazelwood Green. Almono LLC & the Port Authority of Allegheny County are excited for a Pittsburgh first, transit on a new development site from Day 1. Transit is a critical component to our multi-modal strategy for bringing neighbors, employees, and visitors to the site and reducing dependency on single-occupancy vehicles. Refer to the new Port Authority schedule online.

Construction activities on site. Secondary streets on site are taking shape. With the majority of utilities, curbs, and concrete base in place, crews are moving onto intersections, sidewalk and bicycle lane construction. Phase A of Mill 19 is nearing completion, while Phase B’s steel framework is filling in.


Accessing the Hazelwood Trail from the north. The Hazelwood Trail can be accessed from the north via the southwest corner of the intersection at Hot Metal Bridge and Second Avenue, and at Blair Street and Second Avenue. A bicycle ramp was added in 2019 to the northern end of the cycle track segment along Blair Street. This is intended to facilitate bicyclist movement onto the trail when entering Blair Street from Second Avenue.

Accessing the Hazelwood Trail from the south. The Hazelwood Trail can be accessed from Gloster Street at Tecumseh Street or Hazelwood Avenue. Another 2019 enhancement to the original street design was the addition of a protective island at the intersection of Blair Street and Hazelwood Avenue to shorten the crossing of Blair Street for pedestrians and prevent the bicyclists “right hook.” Find out more about the right hook at Vox and City Lab.


Preparing for vertical development. With the completion of Blair Street and Hazelwood Avenue, and the opening of three more streets (including Lytle Street) later this year, over two-thirds of the site’s Development Blocks will have direct access to new public streets with new utilities, with a significant portion of the site’s rainwater managed through bioretention areas on site. This project and this year’s ongoing infrastructure projects set the table for vertical development.

Investing in green infrastructure for rainwater management. Hazelwood Green is taking a comprehensive approach to managing rainwater on site. As part of the Blair Street and Hazelwood Avenue project, green infrastructure was installed in the tree pits, medians, and bump-outs to capture additional volume and improve the overall water quality of run-off. This green infrastructure investment creates redundancy with the conventional grey system comprising stormwater pipes.


Looking Forward.

  • Canopy and trail completion late Spring.

  • Opening of the first new building on site.

  • Upcoming street openings.

  • Plaza the first public space construction and opening.

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