RFEI: IESP Next Steps

Thank you to all the teams that submitted to Hazelwood Green's Requests for Expressions of Interest (RFEI) for an Integrated Energy Service Provider (IESP)! Over the past two months, and after a detailed review by the project and advisory teams, we've selected seven IESPs as our "Target List." We will be reaching out directly to the target group over the next couple of months.

Firms that were not included on the IESP list, or did not submit for the RFEI, may still be of future interest to Hazelwood Green as we conduct due diligence and other efforts that will move us toward accomplishment of our energy objectives. So, please continue to follow our progress including notification of site tours or other events through the website, where we will continue to post updates.

And again, thank you for the thoughtful RFEI responses, we're looking forward to seeing where this goes next!

UpdateShelly ZhuEnergy