Bicycle access on the site


FAQ: When will you be able to bike through the site?

We have received a number of inquiries about when the site’s new bicycle lanes will open. We realize the road/bike lanes look complete from the outside, and they almost are! BUT for a 100-foot stretch that passes underneath a railroad bridge in the middle of the site.

A protective canopy design is under design review and once approved will be constructed early next year to close this gap in the roadway. Once this gap in construction is completed, we will move forward with dedication of the roadway and bike lane to the City for public use. 

If you’re interested in getting on the site and checking out the bicycle lanes yourselves, Almono is hosting in coordination with the Hazelwood Initiative, a public, community event on the site on October 14th: Hazelwood Big Tent Event. You can also find out more and RSVP at Eventbrite.