The Owners


Hazelwood Green is a total of 178 acres. With 165 acres, the Almono Limited Partnership (Almono LP) is the primary land owner. Almono LP is made up of three foundations: the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, Richard King Mellon Foundation, and The Heinz Endowments. 

The site’s development will both catalyze investment within its underserved neighborhood of Hazelwood, and draw from the deep history and culture that remains intact through the people and the physical fabric of the neighborhood. There is no site of this scale and potential that is more uniquely situated within the urban context of the Pittsburgh region; where research and talent is grown and fostered within premier universities, local neighborhoods remain unique and affordable, and the real estate market demands creative financial solutions.

The multi-dimensional opportunities presented by this site and its neighborhood require a thoughtful and collaborative approach to development that respects the past and reflects its present- day culture, while also creating new and lasting models for urban place-making. Through this collective vision and the site goals, the three foundation members that comprise the site's owners, Almono LP, expect to create a future for this site that provides economic opportunities for all and serves as a regenerative steward of its unique natural assets.


Almono LP



The 178-acre Hazelwood Green site is managed by Almono LLC, the general partner of Almono LP. The members of Almono LLC include representatives from the three foundation owners. Rebecca Flora (Principal of ReMake Group), was retained in November 2016, to serve as the Authorized Agent for Almono LLC and overall Project Director. The Hazelwood Green project team includes ReMake Group providing project and construction management, specialized planning, mobility, and sustainability expertise; and Oxford Development providing professional services for site management and construction activity. The project team is also supported by local and national consultants retained for specific activities. The project team works collaboratively with non-government organizations, government agencies and the Hazelwood community to advance best practices in sustainable development by utilizing the site and its development as a proving ground for new ideas to transform practice and policy.  

Prior to the formation of the new Hazelwood Green project team in late-2016, RIDC was the sole member of Almono LLC and directed all site activity that included: planning and design work, site remediation, site fill and grading, and construction of the first access road and green infrastructure system through the site. RIDC transitioned from their early role in site development to that of vertical developer of the Mill 19 building and adjacent parcels to the east - the 12.6 acres of Hazelwood Green that RIDC now owns.