The Plan


SP-10 District Preliminary Land Development Plan & Zoning.


On January 8, 2019, the amended SP-10 Zoning Ordinance was passed by City Council. This Zoning Ordinance amendment accompanied the new Preliminary Land Development Plan (PLDP), which was approved on September 11, 2018 by Pittsburgh Planning Commission to replace the plan of record. An updated Traffic Impact Study (TIS) is still being finalized, with approval expected in Winter of 2019.

To realize the Almono LP vision and achieve the development expectations, the site’s Preliminary Land Development Plan (the Plan) provides a core framework with flexible programming and development approaches to make the site adaptive to fast shifting externalities. The PLDP has been designed (and registered with USGBC) to meet LEED for Neighborhood Development Plan standards, with an expectation to reach Gold certification in 2019.

The new PLDP for the site takes a performance-based approach that accommodates a range of densities and intensity of uses, from approximately 6.0 to 10.7 million sf depending on the program mix. Pursuing LEED-ND Plan Certification is part of Hazelwood Green’s baseline for meeting sustainability standards, other aspects that go beyond LEED include the integration of elements of the Living Community Challenge and WELL Community Standard, along with utilization of Pittsburgh’s own p4 Performance Measures to evaluate development proposals.

Another core element of the Plan is the public realm that threads throughout the site. Approximately 17% of the total acres are reserved for public space, how the public engages and interacts with this space will be important for the success of the project. In such, the mobility to and around the site is focusing on prioritizing pedestrian and bicycle access and safety with consideration of Vision Zero elements.

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