Looking forward to a Hazelwood Green Riverfront Park. 


Keep an eye out this fall for the start-up of the Riverfront Park Master Site Planning process. Sign-up for the Hazelwood Green Quarterly if you’d like to stay up-to-date on this planning project.

Looking down the Monongahela with Oakland in the background. Photo Credit: ReMake Group.

Looking down the Monongahela with Oakland in the background. Photo Credit: ReMake Group.


The future Riverfront Park

At present, Hazelwood Green’s riverfront is closed to the public for public safety concerns - there are a myriad of old infrastructure, steep slopes, and lack of maintenance that all pose risk. However, an effort will begin Fall of 2019 to envision what this riverfront can become through a master site planning process. This initial effort is anticipated to take place over 1-2 years, with comprehensive engagement and visioning. This planning process will be the first step in a journey to redevelop the space as a riverfront park that is open and enjoyed by the public, and begins to ecologically restore this historically overburdened watershed and riparian system.

The adjacency to the Monongahela river is the site’s most precious natural asset – direct access to the water’s edge and its ecological and navigational systems. Barge-sized docking piers and the Pump House formerly utilized by the steel mill also provide adaptive reuse commercial and recreational opportunities. The cycle trail on the upper edge of the river connects both recreational users and commuters to Hazelwood, South Side (and the 335-mile Great Allegheny Passage / C&O Towpath to Washington D.C.), Downtown and Oakland. The many opportunities presented by Hazelwood Green’s 1.2 miles of riverfront will require a collaborative approach to realize the full potential of this regional asset.