Phase I Transportation Mitigation Project


The Phase I Transportation Mitigation Project (SR 885, A42) is the implementation of a set of recommendations from the 2013 Traffic Impact Study (TIS). The 2013 TIS was completed in conjunction with the 2013 PLDP and SP-10 rezoning. As such, the TIS includes recommended highway improvements required for the first phase of development, which at the time equated to approximately 1,000,000 square feet of development and its accompanying 7,400 trips generated.

The project and design is being managed by PennDOT as it encompasses State Route 376 (“the Parkway”) and State Route 885 (Second Avenue corridor). The Phase I Transportation Improvements have been funded by a combination of a State grant and Almono LLC funds. The scope is limited to what was recommended within the 2013 TIS, and includes the following traffic mitigation measures. The presentation from the 9/26/2018 Public Meeting has been posted online here, please check back for more updates as the project progresses.

  • Additional queuing for the Bates Street off-ramp on the Parkway (SR 376).

  • Intersection reconfiguration at:

    • Second Avenue & Bates Street

    • Second Avenue & Hot Metal Bridge

    • Second Avenue & Greenfield Avenue

    • Second Avenue/Irvine Street & Hazelwood Avenue

A larger, multi-modal study of the Second Avenue corridor will be undertaken next year (2019) by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC) in conjunction with the City of Pittsburgh.


The 2013 Traffic Impact Study (TIS) will be made available upon request. Please contact us through the website here.