The Vision

Forging New Ideas.


The Hazelwood Green development site is envisioned as a place where people thrive, new ideas are forged, and the ecological condition is regenerated. It is a living laboratory – a platform for experimentation that advances Pittsburgh's evolving innovation economy for a full spectrum of workers. It serves as a transformative model for sustainable community development that is adaptable and resilient to fast-changing markets and natural conditions that are reshaping our society.

Almono Limited Partnership


Our Principles for Development


Principle 1: Advance Human Well-Being

Human well-being is often measured by happiness, which is influenced by individual physical and emotional health. The built environment plays a huge role in our daily lives and is responsible for many factors impacting an individual’s health, quality of life, and thus, community well-being. Hazelwood Green intends to:

  • Create healthy, safe physical environments.

  • Provide job opportunities for workers at a range of levels.

  • Foster a welcoming environment for diverse human interaction and enjoyment.

Principle 2: Inspire Innovation

Innovation is conducted in places where people and ideas come together, where buildings and spaces inspire and enable a range of uses, open dialogue, and encourage interactions. Innovation requires the continual evolution of best practices and flexibility in policies. Innovation drives transformation of markets and economic growth. Hazelwood Green intends to:

  • Attract new investment to the region, city, and neighborhood.

  • Advance transformative models.

  • Create a built form that reflects excellence in design.

Principle 3: Regenerate the Ecology

Healthy ecosystems are a sign of healthy economic and human systems. The site’s ecology must be healed from past damage and avoid creating new impacts that future generations must absorb. In doing so, Hazelwood Green will be a model for living within its ecological footprint. Hazelwood Green intends to:

  • Manage all rainwater on-site as a resource.

  • Attain net-positive building energy performance site-wide.

  • Restore a healthy ecosystem on-site.

Principle 4: Create Resilient Places

Places that bounce forward more rapidly from sudden shocks have multiple mobility options, on-site and renewable energy systems, diverse economies, and strong social networks. Communities with reduced ongoing, chronic stresses also recover more easily from shocks created by humans or nature. Hazelwood Green intends to:

  • Provide multi-modal transportation options that are a part of a well-connected system.

  • Create on-site renewable energy and other low-impact utility infrastructure.

  • Generate diverse economic and social value.