Visiting the Site

Directions to the site.


If you have a site visit schedule, there are a few things to keep in mind. This is an active construction site, with regularly changing conditions. Please wear sturdy shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. The site trailer is currently located on the far north end of the site, near the intersection of Second Avenue, Greenfield Avenue, and Irvine Avenue (near a railroad bridge).

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By Car: The easiest approach by vehicle is from the West/North. Drive East/South (away from Downtown) on Second Ave, you'll want to turn right onto a gravel road just BEFORE the road curves and passes underneath a railroad bridge at the intersection of Second Ave/Irvine St/Greenfield Ave/Saline St. Proceed approximately 200 feet, and turn right through the automatic gate, you’ll see a construction trailer on your right - this is the Hazelwood Green project trailer. Park anywhere in the gravel lot. Please refer to google maps for more detailed directions.

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By Bus: The "Greenfield Ave at Second/Irvine" bus stop is the closest to the site entrance, and has three routes that stop - the 56 (Lincoln Place/McKeesport), 57 (Hazelwood), and 58 (Greenfield) - all of which run through Downtown. Please check with the Port Authority for the most up-to-date bus routes and schedules.

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By Foot & Bicycle: The site is less than half a mile from two major trails: the Eliza Furnace (runs along the east side of the Monongahela) and the Three Rivers Heritage Trail / Great Allegheny Passage (runs along West side of the Monongahela, crossing over the Hot Metal Bridge). HOWEVER, the short gap between the trails and the site entrance on Second Avenue / Greenfield Avenue corridor is currently not conducive to pedestrians or bicyclists, so please use caution. You may find more information on pedestrian and bicycle routes, as well as safety information at BikePgh.